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The Humble Crystal

Self Love Intentional Crystal Box - Feb 2023

Self Love Intentional Crystal Box - Feb 2023

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Welcome to The Humble Crystal

The first installment of Humble Crystal intentional crystal arrangements is focused on turning love inward toward yourself, where it may have been lacking due to a myriad of reasons. We tend to get caught up in the stresses of daily life, responsibilities, and otherwise, and oftentimes forget that our souls crave and require attention from us to grow and thrive.

Each of the crystals in this box has a specific intention as well as works together to help focus your energy where you want it to go. Each set will be slightly different as the pieces will be hand selected for each arrangement, however, each arrangement will contain the same stone types. There is a limited quantity of these boxes available, so if this set calls to you, add to cart! You won't be disappointed! *drools*


Each set will include:

1 - Raw Chlorite Quartz specimen [cleanses & removes energetic attachments]

1 - Raw Celestite specimen [soothes & guards your energy while uplifting]

1 - Raw Lithium Quartz specimen [aids in lifting depression, balances anxiety]

1 - Raw Blue Calcite specimen [guides communication, healing & recovery]


Thank you for stopping by The Humble Crystal :)

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